African Food

Mama Africa \\ Eating House Menu

Welcome to our traditional restaurant in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where you can experience the authentic flavors of African cuisine. Our menu features a variety of dishes that reflect the diverse cultures and traditions of Zimbabwe, each prepared with locally sourced ingredients and cooked with time-honored techniques. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning customer, our menu offers a wide range of choices to satisfy your taste buds, from savory stews to grilled meats and flavorful vegetarian options. Join us for a memorable dining experience that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Africa.



*All served with either plain rice, peanut butter rice or Sadza. 


A Ndebele dish of dried meat and peanut butter sauce.

$ 15

SADZA NDIURAYE (Meaning sadza kill me)

A traditional Shona dish of spicey meat and vegetables.

$ 15

Huku nedovi

a Shona dish of chicken and peanut butter sauce.

$ 15

hunters pot

game of the day, slowly cooked in a potjie pot

$ 20

chicken or beef curry

$ 13

Vegetable curry

$ 10

Potato rice curry

$ 13



*All served with seasonal grilled vegetables, chips or baked potato and the following sauces: peri peri, pepper, lemon garlic butter.

Prime Zimbabwean Rump Steak

$ 18

Ladies Fillet

$ 18

Elephant Turd T-bone steak

$ 18

Pan-fried Pork Chop

Seasoned, fried and served with apple sauce

$ 16

Mozambique Peri-Peri chicken

Seasoned to your liking-mild or hot and served with seasonal vegetables.

$ 16

Grilled Zambezi Whole Bream

Palm size whole bream grilled and served with tomato/onion relish

$ 16



Mama Africa Pasta

With a creamy garlic and mushroom sauce.

$ 10

Grilled Vegetables

Farm fresh vegetables sliced and grilled. Served with a light vinaigrette.

$ 10



Homemade ice-cream [Amarula or Passion]

$ 5

Apple Crumble

$ 5

Fruit kebab

$ 5

The Mama Africa Chocolate cake

$ 5